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Distance Learning Technologies

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Distance Learning Technologies


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Open source software for recording and editing sounds.http://audacity.sourceforge.net (Trimble)




DimDim online voice and video conferencing http://www.dimdim.com/index (Raber)


Distance education: relationship between academic performance and technology-adept adult students


"Advances in technology assisted education are revolutionizing the educational process as most know it today. What impact, if any, does technology-assisted education have on the future of higher education? In this study, we examine data from an ongoing evaluation of the distance education program for graduate level business students in a private university. The study addresses the impact of technology-assisted learning on academic performance among distance learners and their on-campus counterparts. The study further explores the relationship between academic performance and students’ technological adeptability. The findings indicate, when adjusted for gender (females out-performed males), there were no significant differences in academic performance between distance learners and their on-campus counterparts. Analysis also shows no significant differences in overall academic performance between technology-adept students and those without technological skills. These findings may remove at least some perceived barriers in the decision to initiate distance education programs."



(M Gonsiewski)







Online video messaging.  Eyejots (Trimble)

"Eyejot is the first, comprehensive, client-free online video messaging platform for communication. It offers everyone the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. With no client to install, you can start using Eyejot immediately with any browser, on any platform. It even features built-in support for iTunes™ (and iPods™), mobile devices and social networks like MySpace™. " (Bennett)



Link to learn more about googleDocs and why googledocs is used in education- http://www.google.com/educators/p_docs.html (McCleese)




iLinc makes LearnLinc a web collaboration suite.  Features include testing, conference recording, breakout groups. http://www.ilinc.com/government-and-education/ilinc-for-learning.php (Raber)


iQuity Learning Suite 


IQity Learning Suite, is the learning management system that supports a number of e-learning projects including the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, and is boasted to be the “nation’s best e-learning system.” This system was developed based on the philosophy that “socioeconomic status geography, medical conditions, learning styles, and other historic barriers should not be used to determine whether students are given equal access to education.” IQity uses technology to build opportunities for learning that allow timely analysis and reporting, personalized instruction, engaging content, and live discussion. Within IQity is a virtual school that has cyber replicas of homeroom and classrooms.  The virtual homeroom and classrooms allow students to work in “real time” with teachers and classmates during an online lecture or tutoring session.  The system includes materials needed for teachers to create lesson plans, make and grade assignments, track and calculate grades, find more educational materials and teaching aides, and follow student progress. It also supports parents by by giving them access to assignments and enables them to track their child’s activity and progress. (Poole) https://iqity.net/index.spr




Collaborative Online Mind Mapping http://www.mindmeister.com/ (Trimble)




How to create podcast used for learning in education. http://learninginhand.com/podcasting/ (McCleese)

How to use podcast to learn a language- http://www.word2word.com/podad.html (McCleese)




Video Sharing site similar to YouTube however also incorporates live streaming http://www.ustream.tv/ (Raber)




Increased gas prices, cost for travel and accommodating all students with special abilities; distance learning and videoconferencing are becoming a more cost effective and convenient option.


Virtual field trips and videoconferencing are becoming more popular activities as schools become wired with faster Internet connections. Virtual field trips allow participants to visit a site and learn about what is there from a guide. Many science centers and museums offer virtual field trips and have staff to present information to the participants. Videoconferencing allows participants at both sides to interact with each other. Classes can discuss the outcomes of projects and experiments done at each location, for example.


  • American College Educators in Deaf/Hard of Hearing Programs (ACE: D/HH) has been awarded a federal PT3 Join Together grant. In this grant professors and pre-service teachers can meet with each other and with Master Teachers and K12 students around the country.

  • Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Ohio School for the Deaf, and University High School (CA) have been involved in a project called SOAR-HIGH that incorporates videoconferencing as each school uses the same science curriculum and materials available online. The students get together via videoconference to discuss science experiments.

  • Washington State - Howie Sego manages the Shared Reading Video Outreach Project. This project encourages deaf and hard of hearing children to read and become interested in reading. Also, others are taught strategies for reading with learners who are deaf.

  • NTID offers Virtual Tutoring for their college students. Some professors offer virtual, or online, office hours. Students make appointments to videoconference, chat, and learn over the Internet.

  • PEPNet has been offering Teleconferences nation-wide for a few years now. Transcripts can be found at the PEPNet Web site.



(J Gonsiewski)




Tool for holding discussions around media http://voicethread.com/#home (Trimble)



Web Based Standards Mastery Systems (WButterfield)


Standards mastery systems enable students to test their skills by utilizing practice quizzes that target state standardized testing indicators and benchmarks.



Creating e-portfolios using the constructivist approach.

Advanced Principles & Effective E-Learning by Nicole Buzzetto-More





Similar web conferencing app to Elluminate and iLinc, offers some asynchronous tools as part of their overall suite. http://www.wimba.com/ (Raber)


Yahoo Groups


An online communication tool that has the capability to bring groups of people together for a common goal or purpose.  In the Yahoo Group members can share photos and files, create a calendar, email group members, create databases and perform polls.  (Trimble)

Yahoo Group Instructions (Trimble)

Yahoo Group Directional Tools (Trimble)


Technology Effects and Effectiveness

Technology Effect and Effectiveness Introduction

Blended Learning Technologies

Classroom Based Learning Technologies

Cost-Cutting Technologies

Distance Learning Technologies

Mobile Learning Technologies

Technology Effects and Effectiveness Conclusion


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