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Welcome to the KSU Instructional Technology Wiki


This Wiki is for faculty and students in Kent State University's Instructional Technology program to develop online materials for their own use and the use of others in the field. For permission to make contributions, please contact Albert Ingram (aingram@kent.edu).


Managing School Technologies, Fall, 2018


Active Courses Appear Above this Line


Researching Current Issues in Instructional Technology, Fall 2017


Research in Online Learning and Teaching, Fall, 2017


Researching Current Issue In ITEC, Summer 2017


Researching Current Issues in ITEC, Fall, 2016


Research in Online Learning, Fall, 2016


Researching Current Issues, Summer 2016


Researching Current Issues, Fall, 2015


Research in Online Learning, Fall, 2015


Instructional Applications of the Internet, Summer, 2015


Researching Current Issues, Summer, 2015


Research in Online Learning, Fall, 2014


Researching Current Issues, Fall, 2014


Instructional Applications of the Internet, Summer 2014


Researching Current Issues, Fall, 2013


Instructional Applications of the Internet, Summer, 2013


Researching Current Issues, Fall, 2012


Research in Online Teaching and Learning, Fall, 2012




Online Instruction and Learning


Topic Description
 Cognitive Factors in Motivation A draft outline of cognitive factors in motivation.
 Effective and Efficient using Quandary  Quandary is an application for creating Web-based Action Mazes. An Action Maze is a kind of interactive case-study; the user is presented with a situation, and a number of choices as to a course of action to deal with it.
 Effective and Efficient with the Internet A series of pages on becoming more effective and efficient using internet tools for teaching and learning.
 Integrating the Internet How to integrate the Internet into teaching at all levels.
 Note Taking  Tools for online note taking
 Technology Effects and Effectiveness  Tools for managing technology and it's effects in academic environments
Using Online Tools  Technologies to increase connectivity and communication with students 



Web 2.0


Topic Description
Web 2.0 Applications in Education Technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users.
Web 2.0 Professional Development The links below will point you to Web 2.0 resources that you can use to focus on your professional, technical, and personal development.
RSS Feeds  Various feeds to educational blogs 


Development of Online Courses, Websites, and Multimedia


Topic Description
 Web Development Tools for the active construction of internet or intranet pages or sites.
 Multimedia Development Various technologies to assist in the learning process.
 Free Office Applications Office applications that are free of charge



Instructional Design


Topic Description
 Instructional Design Ways to ensure that the educational experiences and information we provide via software and hardware are effective, efficient, and appealing
 Instructional Design Studio Studio learning and instructional design




Online Research


Topic Description
 Research on Online Learning Critiques relating to online research
 Learning, Instruction, Technology Article critiques relating to learning, instruction, and technology
Deciding on Technologies and Overcoming Resistance Topics include resistance to change and making technology related decisions




Conferences and Presentations


Presentation Title Presenters Conference Year Description
Breaking Down Barries Julee Henry and Dr. Albert Ingram eTech Ohio 2011 How to Integrate Social Networking Tools in Positive and Productive Ways into the K-12 Classroom
The Sky is the Limit Jason Piatt and Dr. Albert Ingram eTech Ohio 2011 Using Cloud Computing



Active Class Pages 2010 - 2011


Class Academic Semester Level
Researching Current Issues Fall, 2011 Graduate
Instructional Applications of the Internet Summer, 2011 Graduate
Instructional Applications of the Internet Spring, 2011
Research in Online Learning Fall, 2010 Graduate
Researching Current Issues Fall, 2010 Graduate




Inactive Class Pages


Class Academic Semester Level
Current Issue 2 Group Projects
??? Graduate
Our RSS Feeds ??? Graduate
Instructional Applications of the Internet, Summer 2012



Some Wiki Instructions







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