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Technology Effects and Effectiveness Conclusion

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Technology Effects and Effectiveness Conclusion


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Technology is making a positive impact on education overall.  Blending of various learning technologies, incorporating innovative ideas and techniques, along with the movement for change and growth through enhancements; student achievement, openness and learning has been effected.  By incorporating various elements, the ability to cut cost and gain improvement is also a topic addressed and continues to be a concern.  “Educational technology has been used to stimulate more interactive teaching, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, effective grouping of students and cooperative learning.   However, technology as a catalyst is not sufficient by itself. Also essential are teachers who are well prepared to function in a more open, flexible, student-centered environment. Meaningful change will occur over a period of time. At first, teachers can be expected to struggle with the change brought about by technology. However, they will adopt, adapt and eventually learn to use technology effortlessly and creatively.” (Sivin-Kachala, 2000)  (J Gonsiewski)



Today's economy is based on a global perspective. We need to compete and collaborate with the world. Thus education must be catered along these lines. Economics does not favor low skilled laborers in this country since labor is cheaper overseas. In order to get a job in today's workplace, higher thinking order skills are required. We have seen that this is possible with the use of technology. We also need to learn about different cultures and how to work on a global scale. Internet and web related projects where communities from different cultures all over the world can interact are beneficial. One of the shortcomings of American education is its weakness in teaching a second language or learning about the rest of the world. Projects such as e-mail for foreign languages or scientific projects over the Internet are strongly recommended. This helps students with real-life association and the ability to work in cross-functional environments (Lam, 2007).


Technology is a necessity in today's world and we must be ready for it. Parents want their children to graduate with skills that prepare them to either get a job in today's marketplace or advance to higher levels of education and training. Employers hire employees who are reliable, literate, able to reason, communicate, make decisions, and learn. The Department of Education, and other federal agencies recognize the essential role of technology in 21st century education (Lam, 2007).



Technology Effects and Effectiveness

Technology Effect and Effectiveness Introduction

Blended Learning Technologies

Classroom Based Learning Technologies

Cost-Cutting Technologies

Distance Learning Technologies

Mobile Learning Technologies

Technology Effects and Effectiveness Conclusion 


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