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Sample Lessons

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Technology integration in schools can be done easily. Existing lessons can be modified to allow for the incorporation of technology. Differentiation is the difficult part when planning lessons. Since differentiation is much more difficult than the technology aspect, there are differentiation sites listed below for reference. Incorporate technology into these lessons using one of the Tech Tools for Differentiation listed on that page of this wiki.


Website  Explanation 
Lesson Planet- Differentiation  This website offers differentiated lesson plans for high-ability students.  
FunLessonPlans.com  An American History unit with differentiated possibilities.  
Dixon School District  Standards-based differentiated lessons for many different grade levels 
Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plans Website  Differentiated lesson plans for all grade levels and subjects 

Anne Frank Differentiated Lesson 

Eighth grade ELA lesson using common core standards. This lesson is differentiated, and the reading selections for this activity are excerpts from Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl.  

Egyptian Project 

This is a 12th grade multi-disciplinary project about Egypt. Students use computers to complete this activity.  
 The Game Project Students create board games based upon a topic (here a Virginia history board game). This could be a great differentiation variation instead of typical assessments.  
Photojournalism Tiered Lesson Plan Differentiated lesson plan for tenth through twelfth graders in a photojournalism class.
Leon County Teacher's Lessons- 7-12 Here are lesson plans for middle and high schoolers. These lessons revolve around social studies, math, and language arts.
Leon County Teacher's Lessons- K-6 These are lesson plans for elementary students. These lessons are based on all subjects from the elementary level. There is also a differentiated instruction lesson template on this site!


Children's Stories Differentiated Lessons

There are many differentiated lesson plans on this site that revolve around popular children's stories. They are differentiated to each grade level as well and each one has a PDF document to go along with it.
Differentiated Lesson Plans Blog This blog lists step-by-step differentiated lesson plans for a multitude of subjects and grade levels.
Sample Language Arts Differentiated Lesson Plan This PDF document contains a sample language arts differentiated instruction lesson plan for grades 7-12.
Region 3 Education Service Agency Website to Sample Lesson Plans This website contains many lesson plans for grades 9-12 on various subjects. 
Differentiated Instruction: Sample Units/Lessons This website contains several lesson plans from board games to language arts.


What to include in a differentiated instruction technology lesson plan:


     When thinking about creating lesson plans that are both differentiated and technology-driven, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. The typical features of most formal lesson plans are: grade level, standard, materials, and procedure. These typical features should be included in technology-driven differentiated lesson plans as well. A technology-driven differentiated lesson plan should include a few other areas, though. For our purposes, a technology-driven lesson plan should include the form of technology being used. This could be included in the materials or listed separately as to explain how the technology will be used or notes on how to access it. The teacher should also have a rationale for use of this technology and how that technology links to the lesson at hand. Any standard can be used for the grade level, but the technology should fit the purpose! Any differentiated lesson also names the different leveled groups in the class, the direct needs of the students in each group (as they pertain to the lesson), and how those needs will be met during the lesson (including the technology that will be used to meet the needs of the students).







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