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Instructional Applications of the Internet Summer 2013

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Web 2.0 Tools


According to Discovery Education, Web 2.0 tools present new ways to collaborate, communicate, create, edit, and share content through online resources and user-generated content. Web tools help provide teachers with new, interactive ways to engage students to get them involved in their own learning rather than completing worksheets and listening to classroom lectures.  This website provides users with descriptions of a variety of web tools that can be incorporated into the classroom. 





Click on the link below to access the list of Web 2.0 Tools for you to explore:


Web 2.0 Tools






Click on the link below to view the list of wiki contributors: 

Contributors, Summer, 2013





Discovery education web tools. (2013). Retrieved from http://web2012.discoveryeducation.com/web20tools.cfm





Comments (32)

Steven Walters said

at 7:16 am on Jun 28, 2013

Okay, I figured out how to get in!!! Now to begin loading material that is pertinent to our Wiki.

Kelsie Markijohn said

at 11:32 am on Jun 28, 2013

Thanks for getting us started, Lori!

Lauren Bissler said

at 11:05 pm on Jun 30, 2013

Yes, thank you! :)

Jody L said

at 8:59 am on Jul 1, 2013

OK - I think I have figured this out. Those that went before (already posted their Web 2 tool) have done a super job and created a nice clean template to follow. I'm wondering if we can/should add hyperlinks to the graphics on each page for consistency. Just a thought.

Julie said

at 10:49 pm on Jul 3, 2013

I am all about consistency, Jody! As I was looking at the pages that have been posted so far, we are all over the map as far how the page is setup (question/answer vs. paragraphs) and what kind of information we are including. Do you think we should be consistent so that the format and information for every tool is the same page-to-page?

Kelsie Markijohn said

at 12:17 pm on Jul 2, 2013

We could do that, Jody.

Jody L said

at 1:04 pm on Jul 5, 2013

I personal thank that if everyone just uses the logo graphic at the top and the text fonts match, the rest is up to the individual. I like what is there so far.

Jody L said

at 1:05 pm on Jul 5, 2013

Darn - my fingers aren't working! I personally think...

Lauren Bissler said

at 1:52 pm on Jul 5, 2013

Trying to follow along with the conversations....(1) are we all going to have the same font and font size? (2) Are we all going to incorporate a link to the website of our web tool? (3) Should we all have a graphic image of our web tool in our link?

Lauren Bissler said

at 1:53 pm on Jul 5, 2013

if so....what font and font size should we agree upon? Ariel 14 pt for headers and 12pt for text?

Kelsie Markijohn said

at 9:41 am on Jul 7, 2013

I used Tahoma font for my page. 14 pt for the headers and 12 pt for the text. I can change it if we decided every page should be the same font and want a different font. I also think the link to the website and at least one graphic image is a great idea!

Julie said

at 1:37 pm on Jul 8, 2013

After looking at everyone's pages this afternoon, I'm not sure if this is is as big a deal as I initially thought. Even though we may use different fonts, the pages all look pretty similar, which I think is what we wanted.

Julie said

at 1:38 pm on Jul 8, 2013

Now that the due date for this is approaching and just about everyone has added their page, do you think this "homepage" should be worded differently so it speaks to a visitor to the site and not to us as contributors?

Lauren Bissler said

at 2:49 pm on Jul 8, 2013

Yea, Julie. I think that's a good idea. I think the opening line would fit into the homepage, but we should get rid of the information that focuses on us and make it more community friendly

Lauren Bissler said

at 9:11 pm on Jul 8, 2013

I added an opening statement...however I didn't want to delete anything without others opinions. Should we delete the information that is pertaining to our class, so it reads/functions more as a website than an assignment page?

Julie said

at 8:19 am on Jul 9, 2013

That's what I was kind of thinking. I'm like you, though, I feel like we need to hear from more of our classmates before making that call.

One thing I did want to ask is should there be a citation for the information from Discovery Education?

Kelsie Markijohn said

at 1:00 pm on Jul 9, 2013

I agree, Lauren!

Lauren Bissler said

at 11:46 am on Jul 9, 2013

Yay probably...I will add that, thanks!

Kelsie Markijohn said

at 1:25 pm on Jul 9, 2013

I made some changes to the homepage in accordance with the comments here. Feel free to change whatever you see fit. :-)

Kelsie Markijohn said

at 1:29 pm on Jul 9, 2013

I also added an image. Feel free to delete it if you don't like it. I just thought it completed the homepage more.

Emily Weller said

at 11:47 am on Jul 10, 2013

I love the picture!

Cammie Nelson said

at 9:11 am on Jul 10, 2013

I think it looks great - Accessible and friendly.

Jody L said

at 5:56 pm on Jul 10, 2013

Great home page - thanks! Can we find any logos to add to a few pages? I think this can be very helpful to new and techno challenged teachers! What a class we have!!

Sara E Benge said

at 10:06 pm on Jul 10, 2013

Great home page! All the pages look really good to me! Great job everyone!

Lauren Bissler said

at 11:08 pm on Jul 10, 2013

Looks great everyone!! :)

Sara E Benge said

at 11:31 pm on Jul 10, 2013

I'm a little late to the commenting party, but from what I've seen the majority of the pages look great! I'm also going to guess that there are still a couple that are not finished yet! Keep going, we still have two whole days! I also embedded a video onto my page because I saw that several people had done that! Going for consistency...I didn't create the video, just borrowed it from YouTube. Keep going everyone...we're almost there!

Julie said

at 7:52 am on Jul 12, 2013

I really like the changes everyone made to this homepage! The only thing I see that's missing is the Discovery Education citation information. Lauren, are you able to add that today?

Lauren Bissler said

at 2:59 pm on Jul 12, 2013

Ohh Yes! Will do that now! Thanks for the reminder....got caught up in all our assignments! :)

Jody L said

at 7:35 pm on Jul 12, 2013

This looks great! Should we delete the Audacity is for Podcasting page since Steve has created an updated version - that looks awesome!

Jody L said

at 7:36 pm on Jul 12, 2013

Who is taking ownership of finalizing and submitting? How are we supposed to finish this project?

Steven Walters said

at 8:00 pm on Jul 12, 2013

My new page is the right one!!!!!!!!

Ashlee Michael said

at 12:21 am on Jul 13, 2013

I love the research provided to support the integration of web 2.0 tools in the classroom. Very professional!

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